stationary for the band
: stationary for the band

bride & groom stationary
: bride & groom stationary

two-piece invitation suite
: two-piece invitation suite








back, score, & front
ceremony program jacket: back, score, & front

rehearsal dinner card
oyster roast & clam bake: rehearsal dinner card

'place card / post card' RSVP: front

'place card / post card' RSVP: back

Image by Lauren Pakradooni, polymer
Ducktails LP Cover: Image by Lauren Pakradooni, polymer

hand-set type
Ducktails LP Back: hand-set type

wedding invite
meg & thom: wedding invite

vintage image and type
meg & thom: vintage image and type

Linoleum cut and type
Portico Brewing Co. coaster: Linoleum cut and type